Well, I’m trying to keep up. We, the band found out that we have no name as the name we chose was taken so, we’re asking folks to help us to come up with a name. We write in all genres except hip hop and rap as we don’t have the talent required to do justice to these art forms. Our music makes the listener think about social problems in a musical frame that is opposite of the lyrics, IE, angry lyrics in a relaxed jazz setting. If you have any ideas – please help.

Also a heads up. We are placing music on the website from us and recording artists with whom we work. We are working on setting up a store and a place to link you to the artists. A shout out to Lost Creek Pioneers – check them out on youtube “Memory of You” – killer song. Also check out Judd Hummel on streaming services. The album is “Lessons Learned”. Also, be looking for Taylor Cross’ new album coming soon.

Just a reminder. Please support artists so they can continue to create and record music. Without that support, the music dies and music is what makes us human.