We at Knotty Pine Studios, or KPS for short, are all about the creative art of music. Our philosophy is not just about creating a great sound in the studio and taking that sound to a live venue, but to help the artist in many ways. How? Let’s start with who we are in a nutshell. We are not only engineers of live and studio sound but we are musicians who write, record and play our own creations. This said, we bring, we feel, a unique perspective to the atmosphere.

The studio sports a 30 x 40 live room and  has state of the art equipment: Allen and Heath, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Blue, CAD, Tree house, and Presonus, Martin, and PRS to name a few.

We can help promote the artist with the record label, Lodge Pole Pine Records, if the artist so chooses by taking their music to market.

Ok, So What? Who are you, you might ask?

The founder/ lead engineer: Mark Jackson is a song writer/ indie artist holding a bachelors in classical guitar and writes in Classical, Jazz, Pop, Alternative and metal genres. He Plays, obviously, guitar, bass, piano and keys, and percussion. He holds an engineering cert. from Applewood Studios (1979) and awarded his B.A. in 1987.

Co-producer: Zerul Kutina is a singer/ songwriter from Washburn U who writes in multiple genres. Zerul is a co- engineer, who, makes the recording process relaxing while commanding a professional level of performance.

We also have professional session musicians on standby to record parts when a live sound is preferred to an electronically produced part.

We do our best to make the recording experience relaxing and have some fun doing what we love.