Yep, This photo shows the improvements that have been made recently like the new drum room and acoustic treatment. We also have a unique vocal booth which we believe gives a natural sound but allows for isolation of the sound and comfort of the vocalist.

This is a shot of the live room without the 3 Pianos which are out of the picture off to the left. The live room is large enough to  accommodate a variety of group sizes but intimate for the soloist/ combo.

The acoustics can also be varied from mostly no reverb to up to 500 ms of natural reverb.

We wanted to add here some extra philosophy. We have as part of our mission the scouting of talent. What we hope to accomplish is to put NE Kansas on the map and build a thriving local musical arts environment. We believe everyone has a song and would like the chance to bring it to life. There are good musicians and great music that needs to be heard; breaking the run of the mill radio mold.