We have pricing that won’t break the bank: We charge 500.00 per song recording through mixing. 150.00 per song for mastering if the artist needs demand. We prefer to charge a flat rate per song as this allows flexibility in the recording/mixing process.

We charge $50.00 per hour for writing and major amounts of playing on tracks. Small amounts of production, suggestions or ideas of instrumentation, are included in the flat rate. Large amounts of production will need to be negotiated at the per hour rate. All per hour work will be negotiated with a work for hire agreement.

We will work with artists. There are many ways to make income for both you and the studio. We believe creativity requires time, so that said, we feel very strongly about giving artists the freedom of time to make the best music and see their vision a reality. Yea, the fee allows us to keep the lights on without sacrificing organics in the creative process. Come out and see the studio. Let’s talk! We can help your creativity become a reality.